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Discover some of the city`s milestones and the stir they caused when they appeared in Ljubljana for the very first time.

Learn about the oldest still standing bridge and the first department store. Where were the very first maternity hospital and hotel in town? How did locals react to the very first bicycle? Have you heard about the Devil`s Carriage and the stir it caused? Where did the first urban beekeeper keep his bees and how old is the oldest house in town? Did you know there is a connection between Pocahontas and Ljubljana? Come and join me to find out!


1 hour 45 min, leisurely walk

Irina in action - Some of Ljubljana's Milestones


The promenade was once a popular habit and an important social event for the locals.

It was the place to see and to be seen, an opportunity to show off your wardrobe and meet your friends. Many fell in love and met their future spouses.
What was the etiquette while promenading? Who were “the promenade lions”? Do you know the story about the elephant? Where did the locals see “moving pictures” for the very first time? 

Yes, Ljubljana Promenade is full of interesting and fun stories!
And while promenading we will also learn about buildings along the way; the Opera House, National Gallery, Modern Gallery and Tivoli Castle just to name a few.
See you on the promenade (as they used to say)! 


1 hour 30 min, leisurely walk

Ljubljanska promenada


About the earthquake which brought destruction and new life to the Slovenian capital

Easter Sunday, 1895. The people of Ljubljana are awakened by mysterious rumble and shaking. Some thought that the end of the world had arrived. Others realized that they were in the midst of a devastating earthquake.
“It was horrifying”, someone wrote on a piece of paper and stuck it under the doorframe.
The earthquake changed Ljubljana’s appearance forever. The catastrophe gave the town’s mayor a chance to turn “a large village and small, old, provincial town” into a modern, confident and vibrant city. 

The collapsed buildings were replaced by magnificent Secession (Art Nouveau) places that brought some of the glamour of Vienna to the provincial streets of Ljubljana.
New bridges, monuments, and parks were built throughout the city. Ljubljana rose like a phoenix from the ashes!

Learn about life in Ljubljana before and after the earthquake. Who were personalities responsible for its flourishing? Which hotel became one of the most modern hotels in the region and still attracts tourists to this day?
“Holy Moly, this looks bad”, exclaimed the Emperor seeing the destruction during his visit. What did he think about the goulash from the public kitchen?
Compelling stories await you!


1 hour 45 min, leisurely walk

Čuden house - After the Earthquake


Step outside the confines of the well-trodden Old Town and there's plenty more of Ljubljana to be explored.

There is a lot more to Ljubljana than just the Old Town. The area of Ajdovščina is quite interesting, starting with its name which is derived from “pagan”. And for a good reason! Monastery of Barefoot Augustinians used to stand here and it was a thorn in the side of town’s authorities. Would you like to find out why? This was the site of the first Civil hospital and yet Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet, had nothing but bitter memories of the place. What was the reason? Who were “shower ladies”? Have you ever heard of “paternoster” (and I don’t mean the Lord’s Prayer)?

The walk will take us past evangelical church, through Park of Slovenian Reformation revealing the location of the first traffic light and self-service department store in town before ending in Zvezda Park.


1 hour 30 min, leisurely walk

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Thank you so much for making our tour so wonderful. You have such extensive knowledge of the culture and history of these fascinating countries that we have had a truly rich experience. You are an expert organiser and your cheerful and helpful assistance has been greatly appreciated.

Julie and David

Exceptional tour...

Dear Irina, you made this tour exceptional for us with the knowledge you shared, the organisation of daily routines and your clear instructions. Your care, kindness and patience was evident everyday Thank you for all your time and effort in making this tour such a memorable one.

Vesma and Greg

Amazing trip to Slovenia

Thank you for making our trip to Slovenia amazing! Your country is very lucky to have you for representation.

Tracy and Angela

Super fantastic tour!

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thanks for a memorable and super fantastic tour!

Louise & Joe

An outstanding guide!

Many thanks for a wonderful tour of Ljubljana. You are an outstanding guide!

Julia and Bob

Our favourite tour guide!

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful holiday. You are so professional and organised, friendly and helpful! Our favourite tour guide!

Robyn and Paul

Top 2 tours of Ljubljana

Is it your first visit to Ljubljana? These tours are for you.
Come to discover Ljubljana.


Explore the sights and hidden corners and enjoy many interesting and fun stories along the way

We will walk the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and see its most famous attractions: bridges over Ljubljanica river, colourful and vibrant farmers` market, St Nicholas Cathedral, Town Hall and Prešeren Square just to name a few.

Our adventure includes not only must-see sights, I will also show you tucked-away places and narrow alleys, share personal stories and city`s legends. Have you ever wondered what happened to the cheating bakers? Why do we have three bridges in one? We will find out how lively the Town Hall Square used to be and the story behind “ventilation corridors”. Dragons, trees with very long thorns and much more!
Let me show you my beloved Ljubljana!


2 hours, leisurely walk

Hello Ljubljana


Crown of the city and stunning views

In the midst of urban life, lies a mighty fortress on a hill. Ljubljana Castle has been proudly standing and overlooking the city for centuries.

If the walls could talk! Dungeon whispers dark secrets, the remarkable Chapel of St. George is covered in unusual frescoes, wells, secret passages and more. And did I mention the views? The views are stunning!

Come join me in exploring the castle and the green oasis above the city!

Extra costs: only if you decide to take the funicular | return ticket

Children (7-18 years old), students and seniors

3,00 €


4,00 €

Family: up to 2 adults and minimum 1 child (7–18 years)

10,00 €


1 hour 45 min, leisurely walk


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